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Today is Sunday, it was an away game for the Seahawks which means I had to work at the bar…boo! However it was a good day. The Boy was at a friends and so was The Girl, so The Hubs got to come watch it (sort of) with me. We were packed for both morning and afternoon games, We made pretty good tips, enough to make it worth while!

With the kids being gone last night we were able to wake up this morning and have morning sex before work always makes for a better day, right?! It is kind of a Seahawks tradition and the fact that the kids were gone was nice. The echo of orgasmic screams with the doors open and the house empty is great, isn’t it? TMI? We needed some good sex and this weekend, we got it! With our schedule so busy lately it has been tough keeping up the everyday schedule.


We have done pretty well with the whole “everyday” thing.  We have kind of relaxed the expectation of it. It has taken the stress and pressure off us when we do (or don’t) have sex. We do at least one of Sex Love and/or Washing Clothes everyday. Although not making the everyday mark with sex we are still averaging about 5-7 days most weeks. 4 has pretty much been the minimum. We tend to feel like missing more than one day is not only slacking but it feels like such a long time since we’ve actually had sex! I will report that our sex has been much better lately and less feeling like we “have” to. Taking the pressure off of ourselves to make every day sex, great sex really helped. Plus we are both stressed and just enjoy our sex more lately. Since sometimes that is the only intimate moments we get with each other or without something else distracting us.

This weekend was great for us! Some really good attitude adjustment type sex that we both needed. It really helps to take the pressure off the fact that the house is crazy, we have crazy busy schedule, and I worked all day Sunday, oh and our Football teams both lost this weekend! So yes, our sex was the highlight and not only because it was sex, it really was great sex!

We have our struggles and stresses and we still have our good sex! Gotta keep that in mind in the tough busy moments these days!