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Today felt like a very productive day! Happy Tuesday! I had a massage worked on getting some paperwork stuff taken care of and I went grocery shopping! For the first time in a while I went grocery shopping, have planned meals for the week and feel like I can really get this whole working mom thing done!


The power went out all over town tonight because of the wind and crazy weather here in town. Which kind of thwarted my plans to get some more shit accomplished around the house. I was going to try to get the pantry organized. The house has been clean-ish and I am not super behind on the other chores, laundry is even partially caught up. (Time to get a house cleaner hired tobget the deep cleaning, that I don’t have time for, done.) Thanks to the kids doing the chores of folding clothes when I tell them to. I finally feel like I have a plan and a schedule or at least I am getting stuff done! I am feeling happy about that and after the last few days I have needed a boost!

Sometimes we all just have to put our nose to grind and get our work done. Just getting up from the couch and doing dishes, laundry and cleaning up after meals are cooked and consumed. And sometimes you have to realize when you are doing or expecting too much! I was doing too much before I quit at the bar! I now have more time to get meals done and meals cleaned up (maybe one day the Hubs and/or the kids will help with that) and this week, I even had time to grocery shop for a real week of groceries! My massage schedule is a bit slow this week compared to last week though, so there is a bit of a delicate balance and trade off!

Being a successful mom is hard. Being a working mom is hard. Being both is hard. Knowing how to define “successful mom” is really, impossible. We all have expectations and desires. Those of us with lower self esteem and insecurities and anxiety struggle defining success because we are always trying to be better because we think we are not good enough! We are perfectionists. Well, we are good enough! Our children are breathing, our house isn’t burning down. Our husbands bellies are full and later our vaginas will be! That is success my friends. Try not to over expect things of yourself you are doing so much and that hour you spent watching HGTV or Say Yes To The Dress was well deserved and even more, much needed! We are raising our future, we want our children to have it better than us! Let’s teach our children to be realistic and honest with themselves! We cannot do it all, most of us cannot afford a house nanny that will do everything June Cleaver did and we need energy to help with homework, to clean house, take a shower and fuck our partner at night! We can’t do everything and not feel bitter!

So, don’t over extend yourself, your family needs you! You, need you. Be kind to yourself, always do your best! I promise you are good enough, teach your family that! If they don’t tell you, I guarantee, they know it!
Love yourself!